Me, myself & I emmeline othine.

A warm day in april 1999 I went to Paris,

in comfy shoes, tight scrunchie bun & a fat bang,

leaving no streets without crumbles of

all buttered, crispy croissants....

I stuffed my suitcase with skirts, dresses, jewelries, scarfs

& sold every single piece in a whim, back home.

Nothing has changed!

I still travel, still stuff...just for YOU &

it is safe to say - I keep those pastry chefs busy, busy, busy -

while shopping & filling my 30 sqm of delish "walk-in closet",

so it is bursting with essentails - you can not live without.

NO basic prêt-a-porter or accessories -

only favourites, for you to treasure forever & ever!

Thank you honeybunny for making mine yours,

following, liking & loving my stuff.

I am a lucky muffin indeed & truly grateful!

Do drop by, I would LOVE your visit -

sooner than later...

Your new favourite piece awaits...